Why Live Life For Others?

We are far too easily fooled by the standards of the society. The lust for power is common and widespread in humans – the power to order others around, the power to make decisions that will impact others, and the power to own when others cannot. But what if that thinking is all wrong? There is a human tendency to want to “fit in,” there are a number of ways to live life for yourself, rather than others.

Instead of keeping up appearances, you prefer to have authentic relationships.It’s not likely that all of these items apply to you. However, having just one or two of the experiences above is evidence you have made some choices to live life for yourself even though others may judge or criticize you for it. Why is their made up life so important to you?

We have sustainable life can go on and on with other examples because our society is great at creating new and exciting ways to part us with our money and time while explaining why it is in our best interest. We can imagine ourselves being better, faster, stronger, richer, etc. It’s YOUR life. Start living it the way you want to! I’ve noticed that more people are responding with, “I’m busy,” rather than, “I’m good,” when asked how they’re doing. That’s sad.

How Did This Happen? The media has created this illusion of how we need to behave, look and feel, along with the things that we need to achieve, accomplish and acquire in order to obtain true happiness. This is when we stopped being honest. Society demands order and control. What Does This Cost Us? Only then will we slow down enough to look at the life we’ve created and ask, “Is this it?” How Can We Stop This Madness? I’m sure you’ll find it surprising how many hours you spend volunteering for things that mean absolutely nothing to you, how much time you waste being a shuttle service for your children’s extracurricular activities, and how none of your values line up with the way you’re choosing to live your life.

Take action by simplifying your schedule, commitments, and life. Follow your heart. Everything else is secondary. Living Life for Others is Unfair to You Most of the time we live our lives for others… it is because we are trying to meet and/or exceed others opinions, expectations or benchmarks that they have placed upon us.

Many of a time these people will be the most important people in our lives… people such as our parents, older siblings, teachers… people whom we esteem above ourselves and hold as an authority figure. The reason why living your life for others is unfair to you… is because, for most people, they are living “fake” lives when they live according to others expectations.

Living Life for Others is Unfair to the World. Stop living life for other people! It’s YOUR life, not their life!

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